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In a perfect world a family law trial would be the end of family law litigation, but mistakes can be made and that's when you need an appellate lawyer. As a family law litigator for 32 years with a focus on appellate advocacy, you need Georgialee Lang in your corner when the Reasons for Judgment just don’t make sense.

Georgialee Lang has argued dozens of cases before the British Columbia Court of Appeal, including several that are leading decisions in family law in British Columbia, in addition to being counsel in three Supreme Court of Canada decisions, namely, Stein v. Stein in 2008, Rick v. Brandsema in 2009, and Attorney-General v. Bedford in 2013.

As the Family Law Coordinator for the British Columbia Court of Appeal Pro Bono Program she has reviewed and provided appeal opinions on dozens of other cases.

As a member of the Supreme Court of Canada Advocacy Institute, she also has experience coaching lawyers who are headed to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Georgialee Lang will deliver expeditious appeal opinions or assist with an appeal, from factum writing to oral argument.


Barendregt v. Grebliunas 2012 BCCA ____

Falkener v. Falkener 2020 BCCA 30

Aslanimehr v. Hashemi 2019 BCCA 421

Nolin v. Ramirez, 2019 BCSC 934 (Appeal from Arbitrator’s Award)

F.J.V. v. W.K.S., 2019 BCCA 67

Gil-Eldh v. Branyik 2018 BCCA 98

Hsieh v. Lui 2017 BCCA 51

Kalafchi v. Yao 2015 BCCA 400

Sampley v. Sampley 2015 BCCA 51

Hathaway v. Hathaway 2014 BCCA 310

Bodine-Shah v. Shah 2014 BCCA 191

Hallgren v. Fry 2013 BCCA 15

Attorney-General v. Bedford June 2013 SCC

Moradkhan v. Mofidi 2013 BCCA 132

Ouellette v. Ouellette 2012 BCCA 145

Devine v. Devine 2012 BCCA 509

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Renwick v. Renwick 2007 BCCA 521

Laxton v. Coglon 2008 BCCA 414

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